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It was difficult to admit, but I realised I was failing.

Not because of a lack of skills, or because of a lack of passion either, I had both.

It wasn’t even because of a lack of clients, there were plenty, but I just couldn’t bring myself to keep working with them as I had been.

Each time I looked at my website, I felt a sense of dread.

I wanted a place to tell my story. I wanted to help others tell their stories, people who dared to live an amazing life and share with others their own beautiful and inspiring words.20140519-125726.jpg

I was so tired of not doing business on my terms.

I was tired of working and answering to business owners who’s vision and goals were out of alignment with my own. Business owners who thought of profits before customers. Business owners who saw the world so differently to the way I did.

I realised that it is ok to take a break and create a new story for myself and my business.

It’s ok to change, life is change after all.

So I scrapped all the hard work I had put into my business over the years, and stopped.

I stopped working on my business.

I stopped seeking clients.

I said goodbye to all the clients I had, even the amazing and beautiful ones, because I didn’t see a way forward from where I was at.



So, now it’s almost 2 years on, and I’m back, I’m here, writing and┬ámoving forward.

I’ve searched deep within myself to figure out what blocks were that stopped me creating the business I wanted.

I’ve gone to great lengths to figure out the best way that I can help the sort of inspired people I want to have as part of my life.



Full of inspiration, creating useful resources, to help others learn how to make their wildest dreams come true, the same way I have (and I’ll talk more about that in a post very soon).

I can’t wait to take you on the journey.